Did you know bleeding from your gums is the earliest of signs of gum disease & its early detection can save your teeth?


Bleeding from gums may be spontaneous or triggered by brushing or chewing. It results from inflamed and / or infected gums most commonly. It can also bleed due or injury from sharp food or burns etc. Though, these are the most common causes occurring in the mouth, gum bleeding can also occur as a result of general health problems including problems in the blood, abnormalities in blood clotting, vitamin C or K deficiencies & in those people who are taking blood thinner drugs like aspirin, clopidogrel etc. If left untreated, the disease of the gums spreads to supporting bone causing weakening of the teeth & its loss. So, if proper care is provided as soon as bleeding gums are detected, we will be able to save further damage to gums, teeth & bone surrounding the teeth.

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