Did you know that attributing health to white teeth and pink gums alone is a myth?

23Julpink gums
pink gums

Teeth are often associated with beauty and health. However, cavities and infections can grow within a perfectly white tooth, hidden from naked eye. Individual differences in enamel thickness and shade, can present as colours other than white, which are natural. However, the teeth are considered unhealthy if the change in colour is attributed to microbial build-up or staining. Furthermore, excessively white teeth may point towards certain other teeth problems.

Healthy gums are specified as firm, pink, and that generally don’t bleed with routine brushing and flossing. Diseased gums may be pinkish red, cherry red, bluish red, or may present with blue, purple areas or may spontaneously bleed. However diffuse darkening of gums need not be a sign of disease and may reflect your genes or your skin colour.

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