Did you know that chewing gum is a healthy habit, but there is a better way to it?

3NovChewing gums
Chewing gums

Chewing gums have been made available in a wide variety of flavours and specifically as sugar free varieties. Chewing a gum helps stimulate saliva production in your mouth and can thus help to rinse your teeth to fight off the bacteria that cause tooth decay in teeth and gum disease. The added flavours and stimulated salivary flow also keeps away bad breathe. However, again we would like to differ on this view by advocating chewing of natural food like carrots, cucumber or other fibrous fruits & vegetables to stimulate good salivation & rinsing. This will not only keep your mouth healthy, but also improves your general health. So, we advocate making a daily habit of eating 1 or 2 fruits & vegetables by chewing them well like a chewing gum. The good chewing habit will improve digestion as well.

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