Did you know that gentle brushing is good for your teeth & gums & not the hard brushing with hard tooth brushes?

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Our role as dentists is not only to treat various diseases of mouth in the clinic, but also involves educating patients about the right oral care procedures & negating their myths, which might actually harm them. One such myth is that most people believe that only hard brushes clean their teeth better & soft brushes can’t clean them.

If we know the facts we will start laughing at such myths.

A. The 1st fact is that bristles are available as soft, medium or hard based on bristle diameter. Fatter the diameter, harder the brush, which means to say that larger diameter bristles can’t reach all areas in between teeth, nor reach grooves, crevices & uneven areas.

B. The 2nd fact is that a soft & dense toothbrush will clean your teeth more effectively as the bristles are more flexible & are smaller to reach most areas. More importantly, this type of brush won’t damage your teeth or gums.

C. The 3rd fact is that there is no need to push down too hard on the brush & using a lighter pressure would not harm the teeth or gums. This also means that the brush would not get damaged & lasts longer. Most people don’t mention this fact – That a good brush can last as long as 12-18 months.

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