Did you know that lasers could completely eliminate the discomfort you anticipate in cosmetic gum treatment?

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Flap Surgery 1

Dental lasers have been approved for clearing tooth decay, for professional tooth cleaning, for treatment of gum disease, for gum lightening, for correction of gummy smiles, for cosmetic gum procedures, for speeding up braces treatment etc. The laser works by cutting and removing the diseased or excess gums with little or no pain, by simultaneously coagulating and cauterizing the blood vessels causing minimal bleeding and faster healing. It also kills the bacteria and sterilising the wound simultaneously favouring better healing process. There are special protocols used to hasten wound healing making the post treatment period painless & comfortable. The best part is that the whole process can be anaesthesia-less, pain-less, blood-less, stitch-less, infection-less & drug-less procedure in many instances.

We have all modern facilities helping us to give best quality treatment in a hygienic, non-threatening environment by our experienced team.

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