Did you know that your teeth which look longer due to loss of gums could be covered?

3Febreceeding gums
receeding gums

Receding of gums (Loss of gums) can be a result of gum disease, abnormal pull from the lips, improper or aggressive tooth brushing. The loss of gums can expose the root surfaces of the teeth, cause sensitivity, issues in the appearance & smile of an individual. While the initial stages may resolve with professional tooth cleaning, the advanced stages would need plastic gum surgery / grafting procedures. In the plastic gum surgical procedures, the gums can be procured from your own mouth with no pain from the palate region (roof of the mouth region) and can be used to cover the exposed root surfaces. In a much complicated case, the plastic gum surgery can prevent further progression of the gum loss allowing for better oral hygiene in the affected region & prevent further deterioration.

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