Did you know what are the most common arguments from people who brush hard?

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A. Soft toothbrushes wear out too quickly. Harder brushes last longer.

They don’t wear out too quickly because, the softer the brush, the less you have to push down on the teeth surfaces, which is a simple logic. You should keep telling your patients that less pressure is better for their teeth and gums. Besides this – gentle brushing helps to keep even the softest toothbrush in its perfect form for longer. Very rarely the correct life of a brush is said or printed anywhere. A good brush can last as long as 12-18 months.

B. I can brush my teeth quickly if the brush is hard. If I brush my teeth for too long, my gums start bleeding.

Bleeding only occurs when gums are inflamed. It has nothing to do with how long you brush. When gum bleeding occurs, a proper brush is important – your regular toothbrush has to be as soft and dense as possible and your interdental brush should be perfectly suited in size for each of your in between teeth spaces. In fact brushing with hard brushes can cause bleeding in healthy gums too.

C. A harder toothbrush is better because it massages the gums better.

There is no need to brush your gums, let alone massage them. Bacteria does not stick to gums surfaces, but can get accumulated in the space between teeth & gums. So, it is important to brush this area & not over the gums. Any injury inflicted onto the gums with a hard toothbrush can lead to irreversible receding of the gums and the entire oral structures that support your teeth. Any damage to the supporting structures of the teeth can loosen the teeth.

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Use a soft & dense tooth brush, which lasts long & protects your teeth & gums.
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