Curaprox interdental brushes

Curaprox interdental brushes


So what’s the secret to exceptional cleanliness in those difficult-to-reach narrow spaces between the teeth? Super-fine, extra-long, ultra-resilient filaments. Gentle and effective cleaning with a single-brush action. Once a day.

  • A selection of sizes – the right brush for every space
  • All-round oral hygiene starts between the teeth
  • Good for the environment: Our interdental brush refill system helps to reduce plastic waste
  • Beautiful, functional Swiss design: Once in and out. Done

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The front teeth, especially the lower ones, can be particularly close together. Flossing can be the best way to get into these interdental spaces to clean. Dental floss – especially when made of thick, fleecy thread – can also be used to effectively take care of dental implants.

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