Six common dental hygiene myths that can cost you thousands and even lakhs later – Part 2

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Dental Myth #4: If I brush well, I don’t need to use Floss or use Interdental brushes or Waterpiks.

In spite of the best technique, the best brush or the best toothpaste that we use, it is important to floss & use interdental brushes once a day. While these toothbrushes can certainly clean the surface areas better, they can’t reach in between the teeth at all. The only way to remove plaque and build-up between the teeth is with floss for the front teeth & interdental brushes or waterpiks for the back teeth.

The areas in-between teeth are not accessible to the tooth brushes & hence the interdental aids like floss, interdental brushes or waterpiks are used, which are highly effective to clean these areas. However, most people don’t know that floss is good only for cleaning between front teeth & not at all suitable for cleaning between back teeth due to the shape of the teeth.

interdental brush 1 1
Floss cannot clean well in between the back teeth, while Interdental brush does it efficiently.
floss 1
Floss is better suited for front teeth only
interdental brush 2
floss 2

The interdental brush in left image fits the space between teeth well & hence cleans well unlike floss in the right image.

interdental brush 3 edited
Cleaning with interdental brush

Dental Myth #5: If Nothing is Bothering Me, I Don’t Need a Regular Check Up.

Once or twice yearly teeth cleaning aren’t just to correct things that might be bothering you. These appointments are important because your dentist may be able to catch a problem when it’s small and correct it quickly. It also ensures that any tartar build up is cleared away before it builds too much.

The problem with only going to the dentist when something is bothering you is that patients tend to wait until the issue is severe. That often means that the problem is much, much bigger than it needed to be if a dentist had been able to catch it earlier. Remember, when it comes to your oral health, smaller issues tend to be far less painful, less expensive and less time consuming than large issues. So don’t skip your check ups!

Dental Myth #6: If I Have Sensitive Teeth, They are Damaged In Some Way

Millions of people around the world have teeth sensitivity. The teeth sensitivity is due to a new cavity, wearing out of you teeth, gum receding or other issue, but that sensitivity tends to be localized to the problem area. Some people simply have more “porous” teeth, which means they will naturally be more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.

General teeth sensitivity is easily treatable with a good desensitization toothpaste, which reduces the excessive porous nature of teeth. Often, this is may be due to genetics (if your mom or dad had sensitive teeth, you too are probably having it now). There are so many methods to treat this problem including dental lasers, which are highly effective.

 If you’re experiencing acute sensitivity for the first time, or if it came on suddenly, visit your dentist. It could be an indication of a deeper problem.

These are some of the most common dental myths we see in our office. Fortunately, there is more information available than ever for patients to learn about their oral health. Plus, with regular check ups, patients can learn better habits and practice great oral hygiene all year long.

Remember: The above information is to be used as general guidelines and you should not use this information to diagnose yourself. If you are concerned about your teeth, you should contact our clinic.

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