Did you know as per latest evidence, Oral diseases can spread to other parts of the body & affect the Overall health –

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This is another strong reason as to why we need to prevent the oral diseases? Most Oral diseases are painful, their treatments are expensive & the latest research shows that the oral disease can give rise to or aggravate the existing general diseases of the body. Thus having a good Oral health results in better Overall health too.

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The mechanism behind this is – when there is infection in the mouth, the bacteria & their products are continuously being released into the blood & reach different organs or parts of the body. Examples as per the latest evidence are as follows –

1. In a pregnant women its found to cause pre-term low birth weight babies & the evidence for this was seen in the amniotic fluid (It is the liquid that surrounds the unborn baby). The amniotic fluid had the same pathogenic oral bacteria & their products. In a normal case, the oral bacteria being detected in the amniotic fluid is not common.

2. In a person who had an heart attack or stroke the clots in the coronary (heart) or cerebral (brain) artery had oral bacteria & their products. All these evidences prove to us that a good Oral health is necessary is essential for our Overall health.

3. In diabetic patients having poor mouth condition with multiple teeth & gum issues the blood sugar is elevated & not under good control. The reason for this is that, the oral infection increases insulin resistance & thus cells wont’ take up the glucose inside the cell. This leaves the glucose to be retained in the blood, increasing its levels in blood.

So, as your family dentist I can help you to take care of your oral health & thus overall health by proper education, good preventive protocols & advanced treatment procedures.

We have all modern facilities helping us to give best quality treatment in a hygienic, non-threatening environment by our experienced team.

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