Did you know – Though interdental brushes are best compared to floss, you need the right size & right type of brush which suits each person?

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In the previous article, we have seen that interdental brushes are efficient & better than dental floss in cleaning spaces between teeth. However, consultation with a dentist is needed to select the right size and type of interdental brush that’s right for each person.

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This is the way spaces between teeth are measured by a dentist. Advice about the right brush is given only after this step.
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Small to larger spaces between teeth: the interdental brushes of varying thickness are color coded.

The right sized brush fits between the teeth correctly & cleans efficiently. If the brush is too small, it passes very easily in the spaces between teeth without cleaning them. If the brushes are bigger than the spaces, the bristles would get compressed between the teeth & the metal part of the brush will rub against the teeth surfaces. When the bristles get compressed & the metal touches the teeth, the brush will not be able to clean the spaces in between teeth adequately. So, the most important thing is not just to use any available interdental brushes, but to select the right size. Most patients & even dentists think that any available interdental brush in the market is good, which is actually not true & might be completely useless actually.

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