Did you know floss is good to clean only between your front teeth & you need interdental brushes to clean in between your back teeth?

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Dental floss has been used since ages, but it is surprising & strange that very few people know the facts that dental floss is inefficient in cleaning all surfaces in between the teeth. This point will be proven with some easily understandable facts in this article. It is for this reason interdental brushing is getting more popular nowadays, yet we’ve been advocating it since long years. How can this be justified?

A. Everyone has spaces in between their teeth

If you have two teeth next to one another, you will always have space in between teeth. That’s where bacteria build their colonies, release harmful substances causing tooth decay & gum disease.

space in teeth
Plaque between your teeth is hard to clean with regular brushes

B. Regular brushes will not reach in between teeth spaces

This leaves the bacterial accumulations between your teeth untouched & undisturbed. So they can breed and produce bacterial waste & harmful chemicals. These harmful substances cause teeth decay, gum disease / inflammation and bad breath.

prone teeth
Space in between teeth are prone for tooth decay & gum disease

C. Dental floss doesn’t reach all areas between teeth

The uneven spaces in between teeth can never be reached by the floss & hence will do nothing to the bacteria inside such spaces. This will help the bacteria to continue breeding. Only an interdental brush can reach these areas & clean them well. This will help you have healthy teeth, healthy gums & fresh breath odor.

floss 2

interdental brush 2

Floss barely reaches bacteria inside spaces in between teeth & it might even hurt the gums. Interdental brush cleans everything out from in between teeth thanks to the bristles, which fit well between teeth.

Consider using interdental brushes: they are a safer and more effective way to clean your teeth from dental plaque. Hence, they protect our mouth from tooth decay, gum disease & bad breath.

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