Curaden tooth brushes

Curaden tooth brushes


Many people brush with too much pressure… and with hard bristles. This leads to damage such as receding gums. Our ultra-fine CUREN® filaments make all the difference. They’re gentle. And they clean exceptionally well.

  • Soft toothbrush for daily plaque removal
  • For sensitive and swelling gums during pregnancy, the best option is a soft and dense toothbrush.
  • It doesn’t only clean teeth most effectively, but also softly massages the gum

Recommended by Hontistry™ 



Experience the difference. Dental professionals have been recommending our toothbrushes for more than 40 years. Once you’ve tried these brushes… you won’t go back. Developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

We have all modern facilities helping us to give best quality treatment in a hygienic, non-threatening environment by our experienced team.

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